Birthday Themed Movies and B-Day Experiences at the Theater

This week we are going to talk about the best memories that we each have when it comes to going out to the movies. As a bonus, I’ll also open it up to discussion for people to talk about movies that are centered around birthdays as well. This is our chance to explore the classics such as the likes of Sixteen Candles, 13 going on 30, and Logan’s Run. Not every movie necessarily has to have a happy birthday theme, we can talk about some movies that feature awful, nightmarish b-day celebrations such as Problem Child and Bloody Birthday.

Back to the first of the two slices of the cake that we are going to dive right into in today’s feature. My most memorable birthday experiences also coincides with one of my favorite movies of all time, “Jurassic Park’. Ok guys, so spoiler alert, if you have been living under a giant boulder since 1993, you might want to tune out here since I’m going to talk about the movie. If that is the case for you, then please do me and yourself a favor and go out and rent J.P via Netflix, On Demand, or whatever other method you need to. That means you, seriously… go… now!

So for those who are still with me, and who did see Jurassic Park (phew, thank god), I was in third grade and turning 9 years old when the movie came out. My mother had some serious reservations as to the suitability of the movie for such a young viewer, but she also knew that I had always been completely obsessed with dinosaurs since I first began to walk upright and speak.

Needless to say, some of her fears were indeed well founded, as there were some parts of that movie that really scared the bejesus out of my little 9 year old self. The whole tense encounter with the velociraptors in the electrical shed, and the part where “Newman” from Seinfeld got toxic goo spit in his face, before getting eaten, definitely haunted my dreams for weeks to come. However, the coup-de-grace…the really frightening part for myself, my cousin who was with me, and for the rest of the 3rd graders across the world who saw the flick… was the Tyrannosaurus Rex attack in the rain.

For the longest time after seeing that, I would begin to have vivid hallucinations while riding in the backseat of parents’ car at night. I could swear that if I squinted my eyes hard enough and looked far into the distance, I could see (and hear) the incoming T-Rex coming out of the shadows to gobble me up. The scariest part to me was that I knew those high powered jeeps they had in the movie couldn’t even outrun the towering reptile, so what were the chances that my parents’ dinky Ford Escort would stand a chance?

I still revisit that movie from time to time, and I definitely remember the experience of watching it on that one birthday, and remember how much it stuck with (scarred?) me ever since that day. Do any of you guys have a most memorable birthday movie experience? Please do share it below. I know I’ve drifted a bit off topic here, but I would also like to welcome a discussion of birthday themed movies, so let me know about some of your faves. Remember, they don’t always have to be happy ones, there can be some traumatizing b-day ones you can think of as well.


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